An expedition with extreme war and with enormous psychological pressure.

After my friend Mike Devine was liquidated by the military, Jan Højrup Nielsen and I set up an expedition with the aim of finding undiscovered Mayan cities and sacred caves.

The war was at its height, and when the expedition headed west it was with anxiety as ballast.

Our pathfinder Ricardo Paredes could report that many had been liquidated and huts had burned down where we arrived.

Inside the mountains we found countless, undiscovered Mayan caves with skeletons, and 1000 year old Mayan pots and ceramics.

We rode through small rivers which were not recorded on any map.

A nice trip in the jungle with tropical rain almost every day, and with mules who really had to struggle through the jungle like the rest of us.

After illness, and the lack of help from the locals, we had to stop the expedition.

But fortunately with many experiences behind him.